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Environmental factors have long impact on global migration flows, as people have historically left places with harsh or deteriorating conditions. However, the scale of such flows, both internal and cross-border, is expected to rise as a result of accelerated climate change, with unprecedented impacts on lives and livelihoods. Such migration can have positive and negative effects on both the local coping capacity and the environment in areas from which these migrants originate, as well as in their temporary or permanent destinations.

A couple interesting research how animals are found in unparticle environments. I was interested in the coyotes are being spotted more and more in unexpected locations in NYC. Or in LA they have building bridges for Mountain Lions to be able to crossover freeways and streets to prevent accidents.
Design Research

Climate Change

Adobe Photoshop


Climate change is a large impact and the force for animals and humans to migrate. Playing with natural and artificial environments to demonstrate an experience of environments changing. I created a simulation of wolves having to migrate to higher ground because of sea levels rising and humans coming in and settling on their territory. Instead of using buildings I used large white walls to give an impact on the force of humans claiming new territory which gives a divide for the wolves that have to migrate forward.

Simulating a tipping point on migration and high sea levels pushing of the idea on how there is a constant force on of being pushed out or having to move on. Climate change is a slow process but is a constant problem that humans tend to look past. That we need to figure out a solution to slow down or change territory movements that won't force previous animals or people.

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