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Interactive Designer, Art Director + Artist

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It brings the thought of what will change for us in the future. Who will be able to access space to the question who owns space or a planet (moon)?

People look at space as a place of new exploration. In what ways do we learn or how we are able to communicate within space? Although space is open for exploration and we can envision the future, but there is an invisible line of how restricted space is. Government and corporations use space to further their research and develop products to be able to expand commercialization as soon as possible. While individuals still dream and wonder when that day will be near since you don’t really hear or know all the details about theses projects from the government. In comparison with the space treaty and how it will change in the future because of commercialization and ownership, allowing people to travel and experience space.

As a design project I want to go explore further on looking at how tangible a 3D surface of the moon can become. Having a physical surface or environment, people can explore what might it be like on the moon and see how close their dreams can become a reality. How will we benefit on the materials and new terrain and what will we do with it?

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