Jade Milan  

Interactive Designer, Art Director + Artist

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Living Structure’s exhibition explores different ways that architecture and space as a concept, metaphor, and imagination various aspects of life experiences; architectural and cultural systems. These artists, scientists, and architects that use different materials to push boundaries and generate future ideas. By proposing speculative ideas on how architecture can become a medium of adaptation, reuse, and transformation into existing space.
Each artist takes a look and portrays ideas about space and environments by forming different kinds of work from sculptures, installations, performance, film, and generative art. They look at the connection between the presence and absence of how our culture and social relationships and how we look at our surroundings and the real world. Each artist questions how the future could be created by being able to look at what is present. How can humans can challenge the reuse of objects in the present for the future?
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Website Design
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Additionally, I created an interactive installation for the entrance of the exhibition. It captures the movement of the space by drawing lines onto the title of the exhibition. After a period of time, it is fully covered, allowing the viewers to notice how they move and use their surroundings.
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