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Jade Milan is an Interactive Designer and Researcher based in New York, with 8 years of experience in creating unique immersive experiences through motion and technology. She designs work on connecting the human emotional experience within new forms of emerging technologies. Building on her appreciation and awareness of the effect on the user, she aims to pursue an opportunity to create immersive experiences to drive audiences into a deeper understanding of information and transform new possibilities into a reality.

She recently earned her Masters Degree in Media Design Practices from ArtCenter College of Design. As well has her Bachelors in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics from School of Visual Arts in 2012. She’s always been a seeker in working or being able to collaborate among creative people who have similar interests or can open her eyes to other forms of design. Continuing to learn and work she is a never stratified designer, knowing that there is always something more to be able to expose the underlying connections of her findings.

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